Dan Kendalls' Fluff

Unranked Best Games of 2023

How many have you played?

  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (Best Playstation Exclusive)
  2. Alan Wake 2 (Best soundtrack/ multiverse)
  3. Hogwarts Legacy (Harry Potter)
  4. Sonic Superstars (Best 2D platformer)
  5. Cocoon (Best puzzle)
  6. Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty (Best First person RPG)
  7. Immortals of Aveum (Best New IP)
  8. Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon (Best Nintendo Exclusive)
  9. Horizon Call of the Mountain (Best VR)
  10. Hi-Fi Rush (Best Xbox Exclusive)
  11. The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission (Best Horror)
  12. Donut Dodo (Best Retro)
  13. The Holy Gosh Darn Alpha (Best Pre-release)
  14. Oxenfree II (Best Netflix)
  15. Robocop Rogue City (Best Licensed)
  16. Dead Space Remake
  17. Forspoken
  18. Jusant
  19. Final Fantasy XVI