Dan Kendalls' Fluff

Poem: Stuart littles dad once told me to turn that frown upside down.

Misery has many parents, a lineage of frowns, But Humour though an orphan, can always laugh anyway. As I plunder the depths outside the box, no bounds, only logic To solve the 1% cent club, where wit and wordplay lay.

As Lee Mack crafts his puns, jests resound, Navigating time, another hour done. Here I sit, a week completed, with laughter loud, as loud as the wheels of work turning, grinding out of reach.

If the windmill wears you thin, it wouldn't be a sin to indulge in cake, It may not solve all, but it's worth a taste, A delightful confection, in which joy encased.

In a world where laughter's the antidote, A slice of humour and cake, is sometimes all it takes.

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