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Now play it on the best NES Tetris

Classic puzzle game Tetris has been around for longer than I have and as seen here, 13-year-old Blue Scuti became the first human to force the bad NES version into a “kill screen,” the de facto “game over” for the puzzler in which the game freezes and becomes unplayable—a feat previously only accomplished by AI.

“Oh my God,” Blue Scuti said a few times, freaking out. “Yes! I’m gonna pass out. I can’t feel my fingers. I can’t feel my hands.” It’s impressive, especially when you watch the bricks rain down in quick succession.

How did he do it?! Partly a special way of holding an NES controller that dominated the Tetris scene in 2021. Instead of “hyper tapping,” the previously most popular method of tapping an NES controller’s D-pad as fast as possible, “rolling” sees players glide their fingers along the bottom of an NES controller to use that momentum to roll the controller into their other hand, pressing the D-pad in the process. This new method of play allows competitors to press the D-pad at least 20 times per second rather than the previous 12.

However, the fact remains he didn't win on the Best Tetris game on the NES ,let alone the Best Tetris so far.