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Linkedin is built into Windows

I remember when I announced to a work colleague that Microsoft owned LinkedIn. (Hi Alex <3 ) I then proceeded to - as I always do, massively doubt but later confirmed that I was correct.

Q: Do you mean about the doubt or being correct?

A: Yes


Now are you ready to have your mind blown?! As a result of this acquisition LinkedIn was added to all Windows installations via the hotkey.


Now I can contort my hand to quickly access all those fake job offers.

P.S This extends to rapid access of all Microsoft Office applications namely:

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Win+W opens Word

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Win+X opens Excel

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Win+T opens Teams

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Win+P opens PowerPoint

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Win+O opens Outlook

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Win+Y opens the Yammer website

Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Win+N opens web OneNote